NetApp® has created several tools that can assist you with transition activities - from discovery and assessment, to planning and migration.

Discover and Assessment Tools

These tools can assist with activities related to discovery and assessment. In some cases, the information provided, collected or processed by these tools directly helps with transition planning as well.

Unified Parser

Unified Parser is available as either a web interface or a stand-alone application. It provides detailed inventory information, transition reports and transition precheck details for 7-Mode systems that are transitioning to ONTAP® 9. For systems that supply AutoSupport® data no further data collection is needed. Also ICT and nSANity data can be used as input.

7-Mode Transition Tool - Collect and Assess
7MTT's collect and assess feature collects key 7-Mode configuration information and assesses the considerations for transition to ONTAP 9.

Inventory Collect Tool (ICT)
If security restrictions or other considerations prevent the installation of the 7MTT in your operating environment, the inventory collect tool (ICT) can be used to execute the collect component of the 7MTT - Collect and Assess without installing the 7MTT tool.

Data Migration Tools

There are several types of migration tools available. Each with their own benefits and considerations.

7-Mode Transition Tool (7MTT)

7MTT is the premier transition tool for transitioning 7-Mode storage systems to ONTAP 9. 7MTT enables you to collect information about, and assess 7-Mode controllers, hosts, switches, and applications for transition. You can then migrate your data and configurations from 7-Mode to ONTAP 9 using either Copy-Based Transition (CBT) or Copy-Free transition (CFT). 7MTT simplifies the data migration process, and is able to preserve Snapshot® copies, deduplication and compression savings, schedules, system configurations and SnapMirror® relationships. 7MTT is available for use on both Linux and Windows operating systems. Each of which can be run as virtual machines (VMs).

  • Copy-Based Transition (CBT) enables you to copy 7-Mode volumes and configurations to ONTAP 9 using SnapMirror technology.
  • Copy-Free Transition (CFT) enables you to connect 7-Mode disk shelves to target cluster nodes and transition configurations from 7-Mode systems to ONTAP 9.
  • Be sure to read and understand the following copy-free transition prerequisites. Contact your account for any questions or concerns.

In order to carry out successful Copy-Free Transition, NetApp strongly recommends carrying out ‘Planning’ using ‘7MTT Collect & Assess’ functionality at least 4 weeks prior to the scheduled maintenance/cut-over window operation. Proper planning will ensure your readiness to transition and help avoid surprises that can extend downtime.

NetApp recommends reading the collateral listed in the KB article (3014833) before attempting to carry out CFT using 7MTT.

Further, in order to minimize surprises during the downtime, it is advisable to open a support case.

Finally, the following document "Preparing for Copy-Free Transition" has details on the best practices to approach Copy-Free Transition which includes planning for various steps including host remediation, FC zoning and other steps necessary for successful transitions.

Refer to the Interoperability Matrix Tool (IMT) for compatibility investigation including exact versions of each component needed to assure proper functioning of the related solution.


Third-Party Tools

There are also third party tools that provide migration as well. Host and application based migration methods use tools that are not directly provided or supported by NetApp (as they are not NetApp® products). Application based migration methods and recommendations as to when they should be used are discussed in more detail in Enterprise Application Transition - TR-4336.

Transition Tools Map and Recommendations

Transition Tools Map (log in required) shows the data types that each tool is capable of, and also the transition phase that it's recommended to be used in.

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Professional and Support Services

Rely on experienced NetApp professionals to migrate your data to a fully configured, tested, and verified ONTAP® environment. Our specialists preserve the LUN structure of third-party storage as well as existing NetApp® storage efficiencies, including NetApp Snapshot® copies, deduplication, and compression.

We've listed the services that are most relevant to specific transition activities on each of the activity pages.

Service Offerings

NetApp offers a full range of professional and support services for transitioning to ONTAP.

  • Enterprise Transformation Workshop
    Working with executives, services experts help customers create an IT roadmap and build an executable cloud strategy for aligning their IT capabilities and cloud services to their organization’s goals. Prioritized recommendations provide business justification for future projects.

  • ONTAP Readiness Assessment Service
    Provides customized assessment of the NetApp environment for transition. Through identification of feature and functional differences, and by creating actionable recommendations, this service prepares a NetApp environment for transition to ONTAP.

  • Storage Function Review
    Assess storage and management capabilities, including inputs, procedures, alerts, and reports, to gain increased visibility into business and IT processes.

  • Workload Characterization Review
    Experts confirm that the recommended ONTAP design and architecture will support the workloads being migrated, reducing risk as the workloads transition to ONTAP. Additionally, this service provides actionable recommendations for alignment of storage workload demand and capability.

  • NetApp Efficiency & Optimization Service
    A storage level health check that provides expert analysis into the current state of the NetApp environment. This includes assessment of ONTAP design and architecture. As a result, potential problems and issues can be pre-empted and resolved through customized recommendations that provide increased efficiency and performance from your current investments.

  • RDS+ Storage Implementation Services
    Experts rapidly deploy and configure your new NetApp FAS series storage systems running Data ONTAP® with minimal impact to end users and bottom line.

  • ONTAP Migration Service
    Migrate NetApp and third-party data to a fully configured, tested, and verified ONTAP system while maintaining existing efficiencies such as Snapshot copies, deduplication and compression.

  • Operations Consulting Services
    Based on the findings of the Storage Function Review and Workload Characterization, this service implements the recommendations resulting from the aforementioned services. As a result, services experts help you achieve operational excellence by developing and documenting procedures to boost storage management capabilities and increase workload performance.

  • NetApp Support Services
    Provides world-wide, cost-effective support that is scaled and priced to meet your needs, allowing you to achieve greater stability, reliability and availability of critical business data.

  • NetApp Residency Services
    Onsite skills, knowledge and expertise meet specific objectives to maximize your NetApp investment. This service enables you to manage a steady state environment to reduce operational risk, improve utilization, storage efficiency and ultimately control costs.