Transition Fundamentals provides an overview of the high-level conceptual framework that represents your journey from 7-Mode to ONTAP® 9. Here we guide you through the set of key activities that form the core workflow you need to execute in order to successfully transition your existing production environment to ONTAP 9. We will walk you through a step-by-step assessment of your environment by asking some quick questions that cover the more common scenarios you will face during transition. If available, we will leverage AutoSupport® data to gather relevant information and streamline the assessment.

Note: This assessment of your environment is not intended to be authoritative and should not be used as the sole method for transition planning. Consult your NetApp® or partner SE for assistance with the activities, reports, and transition planning.

Click Continue to launch the interactive assessment of common topics organized in different transition workflow activities. Based on your responses we will provide general guidance as well as targeted recommendations to accelerate and achieve successful transitions within your environment.

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